First Aid Kit requirments

What should I put in the first-aid box?
There is no mandatory list of items to put in a first-aid box. It depends on
what you assess your needs to be. As a guide, where work activities involve low-level
hazards, a minimum stock of first-aid items would be:
˜˜Individually wrapped sterile plasters (of assorted sizes), appropriate to the type
of work (you can provide hypoallergenic plasters if necessary);
˜˜ sterile eye pads;
˜˜ individually wrapped triangular bandages, preferably sterile;
˜˜ safety pins;
˜˜ large, individually wrapped, sterile, unmediated wound dressings;
˜˜ medium-sized, individually wrapped, sterile, unmediated wound dressings;
˜˜ disposable gloves (you can find more advice at
This is a suggested contents list only.
The contents of any first-aid kit should reflect the outcome of your first-aid
needs assessment.
It is recommended that you don’t keep tablets and medicines in the first-aid box.